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Post by ThuleanRex on Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:18 pm

Report a officer

We value our police department and our city of Los Santos to the fullest. It is of every sworn law enforcement officer's duty to uphold the rights of each and every citizen, and to enforce the laws of the United States and the state laws of San Andreas. If you feel that your right has been violated by a peacekeeping officer of the Los Santos Police Department, then we urge you to file a complaint against the officer in question.

How to file a report

Filing a report complaint against a officer is relatively easy, and is setup to make sure that there are no complications while filing and submitting your complaint. Read what follows if you wish to learn how to file a complaint report.

  • Carefully think through what right have been violated by the officer.
  • Try and engage in a discussion with the officer in question.
  • Request a supervisor to scene, engage in a discussion with the supervisor.
  • Obtain badge nummer and name of the officer in question.
  • Report the incident at the Los Santos Police Department.

  • Inform the LSPD public relations about the incident.
  • Specify in details about the incident, and the officer.
  • Inform the LSPD how you feel about the incident.

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