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Post by Dreezy on Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:55 pm

Have you found a bug on our website or the SA:MP server? Create a bug report in this section by copying the format below and make a new thread, so we can get it solved as soon as possible. Please, before you submit your bug report, make sure nobody else have reported it previously or else your report will be deleted without warning.

Keep the name of your topic structured as well. If it's a bug on the forum, name the thread "[F] Bugged format". If it's a bug on our server, name the thread "[IG] Animations bug". Those two are great examples of how you should name your topic, instead of naming it "theres a bug", "fix this bug", etc.

Your In-game Name:
Date/Time Bug Occured:
Description Of The Bug:

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