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Special Weapons And Tactics Empty Special Weapons And Tactics

Post by ThuleanRex on Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:20 pm

Initially established in 1967 to combat riot uprisings, SWAT evolved into a elite unit to be world-wide famous. The Los Santos police department's special weapons and tactics team, is a designated and elite law enforcement team that specializes in resolving critical incidents involving threats to public safety, which would otherwise exceed the capabilities of traditional law enforcement first responders and/or investigative units. Specifically counter-terrorism, hostage-rescue situations and organized crime take-downs. Each SWAT-member are expected to be well-disciplined and organized with a healthy mental and physical form. Recruits who show interest and ultimately motivation to join the division will be recruited if they live up to the expected standards and minimum requirements. After the recruitment, the SWAT-rookie recruits will undergo a procedure of difficult training that will replicate urgent situations. Once accepted into the SWAT-team as a agent, these agents will be equipped with SWAT gear and weaponry and assigned to critical situations.


  • Hostage Rescue And Negotiation(HRAT)
    SWAT-members who are included in the Hostage Rescue and Negotiation unit specialise in negotiating with the captor to defuse a hostage situation, HRAT officers are in the lead of any and all hostage situations.

  • Public Safety Explosive Device Disposal(PSEDD)
    SWAT-members who are included in the Public Safety Explosive Device Disposal unit specialise in the disposal of bombs that are a threat to public safety, and the safety of the United States of America. PSEDD officers are in the lead of any and all bomb-squad situations.

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