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Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums
Total Resources Against Street Hoodlums, or abbreviated TRASH, was formed in 1977 by Los Santos chief of police as a elite and ultimately controversial policing-division with aim to combat the rise of gang activity and organized crime. Due to the abbreviation, that of TRASH human-rights activists began protesting against the acronym, making claims that the abbreviation-acronym is hurting to the youth. This would eventually result in the division name change to Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums, now abbreviated CRASH.

Operation Sledgehammer

Operation Sledgehammer was a CRASH-led initiative that began in 1987 to crack down on gang violence in the vicinity of south-central Los Santos. As a result of increasing gang-violence and drive-by shootings resulting in the deaths seven people, then-Chief of Police Harold Ports responded by sending CRASH-officers to apprehend suspected gang members. At the height of this operation in April 1988, 1,453 suspects were arrested by one thousand police officers in a single weekend. While considered successful by some, Operation Sledgehammer and LSPD were maligned with accusations of racism. Some believed that the operation heavily relied on racial profiling, targeting African-American and Hispanic youths that were labelled as "urban terrorists" and "ruthless killers." However, proponents of the operation counter that it was not discriminatory as each gang-member arrested had warrants for their arrests.

CRASH Unit Areas

Each CRASH-unit within the division are assigned with one or more criminal factions, to focus each area down.

Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums LSMAP

  • C-101-ELS East Los Santos
    East Los Santos, Los Flores, East Jefferson, Ganton, North Seville, East Beach, Willowfield.

  • C-102-SLS South Los Santos
    Los Santos International, El Corona, Ocean Docks, Unity Station, South Seville, Verdant Bluffs.

  • C-103-CLS Central Los Santos
    Idlewood, Glen Park, West Jefferson, Commerce, Downtown LS, Little Mexico, Pershing Square, Mulholland Intersection.

  • C-104-WLS West Los Santos
    Temple, Market, Rodeo, Santa Maria Beach, Verona Beach, Marina, Vinewood, Richman.

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