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Post by .hitta on Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:18 pm

Shan Chu
- [T]Hitta (Wu Zi Mu)
- [T]$ticky

Fu Shan Chu
- [T]Murder (Ran Fa Li)
- [T]Savage (Su Xi Mu)

Hueng Chu
- [T]Cross

Sin Fung
- Vacant

Hung Kwan
- Vacant (Guppy)
- Vacant (Little Lion)

Pak Tsz Sin
- Vacant

Cho Hai
- Vacant

49 Chai
- Vacant

- Grove Street Families - gonna go with the singleplayer storyline and call it a truce between the two, could end up differently though.
- Los Santos Police Department - we're gonna have connections within the LSPD so they're gonna be our allies, we're gonna avoid killing them as much as possible and have exchanges between each other.

- Front Yard Ballas
- Rollin Heights Ballas
- Kilo Tray Ballas
- Temple Drive Ballas
- Temple Drive Families
- Seville Boulevard Families
- Vagos
- Varrios Los Aztecas

- Da Nang Boyz - again, going with the storyline as neither Wu Zi Mu or the entire Triad likes the Da Nang Boyz.
- San Fierro Rifa - storyline beef.
- Corleone Crime Family - storyline beef.

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