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Refund Request Format Empty Refund Request Format

Post by Ice on Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:16 pm

If you have lost something In-Game or on any service provided by SOSA:RP, please fill in the format below and create a new thread to start the recovery process.​

Screenshot is required to make your request valid
Edited screenshots will not be accepted as a valid proof and your request will be rejected.
The title of your thread should be the following - 'ExactAccountName's Refund Request'.

[b]Exact In-Game Name:[/b] N/A
[b]Date of Account Registry (DD/MM/YYYY):[/b] N/A
[b]Last Seen Online (DD/MM/YYYY):[/b] N/A
[b]Lost the Following Items (separated by comma, no images):[/b] N/A
[b]Evidence for Clarification (/time should be visible):[/b] N/A
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