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Kilo Tray Ballas F2HqwtQ

Original History:

The Kilo Tray Ballas are based in Glen Park. Since the Ballas were probably formed in Glen Park or Jefferson, it is likely they were one of the original sets of Ballas. However, they are not as powerful as other sets, specifically the Front Yard and Rollin' Heights sets.

New Ages:

Kilo Tray are a set of notorious Ballas founded in the 1970's . Due to the high ranking OGs being killed or sent to jail in the mid 90's, the set was inactive for a few years but was later re-birthed in 1996 by a Balla O.B.G named Taylor Freeman a.k.a Tae-Tae, and have been controlling illegal activity in the streets of Glen Park ever since. Many of there members can be identified by the purple clothing they wear as their main gang color and can be seen throwing up the 'B' sign . There members can be found all around Los Santos but their particular hot spots are Bahamas & Slauson Avenue . The location of Slauson Avenue (the sets main stronghold) can be found on the Eastern side of Glen Park with Downtown Los Santos to the West, Crenshaw to the South and Figueroa to the North.

Glen Park holds a very high crime rate including prostitution, murder and gang related
violence involving their biggest rivals, the Families. Specifically when the gang war started
is unknown, but the rivalry between the two
gangs was in full swing as early as 1987 . By 1992, They became major influential players in the crack-cocaine business and established ties
with the loco syndicate, the vagos, and the
San Fierro Rifa for narcotics (especially crack-cocaine). Despite their business relationship with the Vagos, they will still react with hostilities
on the streets. It is only the higher-ranking OG's from the Vagos and the Ballas that are involved
in the business relationship.

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