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The formation of the Los Santos Vagos is shrouded in mystery. They likely evolved from either East Beach, Los Flores, East Los Santos or Las Colinas. History regarding their gang wars with the Grove Street Families and the Varrios Los Aztecas is also unknown - likely due to aggressive territorial expansion and crack-cocaine influence. Their hostilities towards the Grove Street Families has increased over the years due to their weakening - which the Vagos see as an opportunity to possibly take over. The Vagos also have a dislike of the Ballas; again, it is unknown as to why.
✝️ Los Santos Vagos ✝️ Lossan10

The Los Santos Vagos are a Hispanic street gang that have been described as "extremely dangerous". They are the largest Hispanic street gang and the 2nd most powerful overall street gang in Los Santos in 1992 (after the Ballas). They are involved in drug trafficking/manufacturing (especially crack cocaine), gang-banging, gang warfare, murder, vandalism, protection, and street violence. The Vagos are easily identifiable by their yellow bandanas, 90's "cholo" style clothing, and their many gang tattoo's. They are predominantly located in the far east and north of the city - within the poorer and more run-down neighborhoods of South Central Los Santos.
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"Sworn enemies of Varrios Los Aztecas, another street gang. Extremely dangerous."

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