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Post by EL DXPE on Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:16 am

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Temple Drive. A place where violence is a way of life for the many people living in the neighbourhood, old and young.
Temple Drive is famous for being holded by the families set well known as the "Temple Drive Families" after the narcotics set-trip split in the Orange Grove Families. They are also known to be one of the most vicious gangs located in Los Santos, currently the strongest on the West Coast. Members could be spotted rocking dark-green outfits, some of them even carrying their bandanas on the head/neck/or hanging out their RIGHT pocket to represent the West Coast.
Unlike the other familie sets, Temple Drive Families are well known drug-dealers spotted all around the city, but mainly posted on their own corners in Temple Drive. Its possible to believe the Temple Drive Families were sent from Sean "Sweet" Johnson, while still being strong as Orange Grove Families, but later on Temple would split with the grove, due to the lack of interest in drugs from Grove's side.

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However, same as the other familie sets the biggest thread for the Temple Drive Families are the Ballas, but mainly the sub-set "Temple Drive Ballas" located Down South of their territory in Market.
The Temple Drive Families are often armed aswell, not to mention the problem with the Los Santos Police Department, due to the big ammount of trouble Temple Drive Families has done to the city such as vandalism, murder, house invasions, etc.
Now as many of the gangs all around Los Santos, Temple Drive Families is attempting to rise and be the strongest gang in the city, rolling and controlling streets and corners.
Becoming a part of the Temple Drive Families would require big guts from the young "homies" in the neighbourhood, putting in work and obeying orders of the bigger ranks in the gang.
As soon as you get use to the lifestyle in Temple Drive, you will be often sent to missions even be given narcotics for sale in which you need to return the ammount of money you received while selling them.
Snitching to the gang will eventually lead you to ONE and ONLY way, and that is death.
A good advice for a person in Los Santos... do NOT fuck with the Temple Drive Families, because it wont end well.

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